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Book Subventions (SARIF/EPPE)

The Humanities Center administers funds for the UT Office of Research that defray expenses for the publication of books by UT faculty.
Subventions are awarded in two funding categories. The maximum amount of award for either funding category is $1650. Applicants may submit only one subvention request per funding category for each book requiring support. Applications may be submitted at any time during the academic year through the UT InfoReady grants submission portal.

These book subvention funds do NOT support

  • the publication of textbooks or journal articles. (Please see “SARIF EPPE Fund – Art and Other EPPE” at the InfoReady portal for journal article subvention requests.)
  • the writing and preparation of pre-contract book submissions --for example, costs for research assistants, copying of primary texts, travel to research sites, or typing or editing of manuscripts not yet under publisher’s contract.
  • kill fees or licensing of subsidiary rights.
  • warehousing or shipping fees.
  • publisher costs for advertising, marketing, overruns, or submitting the book to review or prize outlets.
  • self-published books or vanity press publications.

SARIF EPPE Subvention – One-Source Funding

 One-Source Funding is a grant to recoup publishing costs for a university press, small press, or other nonprofit publisher of scholarly books that has a reputable review process. (Corporate “for-profit” publishers usually do not qualify for these subventions, and publishers should not be known as “predatory”; see .) Open-access publishers must demonstrate a rigorous review process and have an established scholarly reputation in order to qualify.

These subventions are fully funded from the Office of Research and do not require matching funds from the applicant’s home department. Applications are reviewed first by the Humanities Center before being considered by ORE.

SARIF EPPE Subvention – Three-Source Funding

“Three-Source Funding” is a subvention grant meant to help UT faculty publish a monograph with a reputable academic press that might find it difficult to fund cover, front matter, back matter, or image/photography/chart elements of the book. These subventions are for manuscripts that have already been accepted by a publisher but that have elements needing funding beyond the publisher’s support—elements such as indices, diagrams, artwork or estate permissions, special cover art, or other manuscript preparation costs.

The maximum amount of a subvention is $1,650, which is split equally between the applicant’s department, the applicant’s college, and the UT Office of Research. Faculty whose departments do not offer split funding should contact the UT Humanities Center before applying for this funding opportunity. Applications are reviewed first by the Humanities Center before being considered by the applicant’s college and ORE.

How to Apply for Subvention Funding:

  • Determine whether you need to apply for “One-Source Funding or “Three-Source Funding.”
  • Download the application instructions at one of the links.
  • Complete all parts of the application and save as one continuous PDF file.
  • Go to
  • Click on
  • Click on "Apply."
  • Click on the blue box "University of Tennessee Login."
  • Log in using your UT credentials.
  • Fill out the form, including uploading your application as a continuous .pdf file.
  • Click on "Submit Application."
  • The system will alert you when your application has been reviewed and either rejected or approved.

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