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One Book, Many Conversations

“One Book, Many Conversations” is an annual event at the UT Humanities Center that invites the public to discuss the book selection in the national One Book, Many Conversations program. One Book, Many Conversations was developed by a community of organizations and individuals, all on a volunteer basis, who believe that at the core of democracy lies conversation. Discussions grounded in a shared text offer valuable opportunities for genuine, open exchanges – giving everyone in the conversation a common point of reference for examining and articulating their ideas. The program is affiliated with the National Humanities Alliance and other national humanities groups.

Book discussions take place in [fall/spring] each year at the UT Humanities Center.  

The “One Book, Many Conversations" discussions are free and open to the public and are held at the UT Humanities Center. Those wishing to participate should read the book and sign up for the book discussion at least two weeks before the discussion event.

Public parking is available by the stadium for our off-campus visitors.

Check the UTHC Twitter and Facebook sites for updated information about our “One Book, Many Conversations” book discussion. If you need more information, feel free to call us anytime.

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200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein

  • Mary Shelly’s FrankensteinIt’s Alive! It’s Alive!: Frankenstein at 200
    Wednesday, October 24, 12 noon
    The UT Humanities Center, E109 Melrose Hall
    Panel discussion with Prof. Urmila Seshagiri (Associate Professor, Department of English), Prof. Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud (Associate Professor, Department of English), and Prof. Rachel Patton McCord (Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology)
  • Free Screening of Mel Brook's 1974 classic film Young Frankenstein
    Wednesday, October 24, 6 PM
    Lindsay Young Auditorium, Hodges Library
    Wear a costume and win a door prize
  • Frankenstein in Print: Rare of Editions of Shelley's Novel
    Beginning the week of October 22
    Hodges Library Special Collections Ready Room
    An exhibition of rare editions of Frankenstein and medical texts from the nineteenth century, sponsored by the UT Libraries.

Selection for 2017: George Orwell  ’s 1984
Date of Discussion: Friday, October 13, 12 Noon
Place of Discussion: UT Humanities Center, Room E308

Participants are invited to read the entire novel, though this is not required for attendance at the discussion.  During the discussion we will focus on the following sections (all page numbers refer to the Signet Classics edition of the book):

  • Part I, sections I-II  (Signet Classics edition pp: 1-29)
  • Part I, section VII  (Signet Classics edition pp: 69-81)
  • Part 3, sections II-III  (Signet Classics edition pp. 239-274)
  • Part 3, section V  (Signet Classics edition pp. 287-298)

Participants also are encouraged before the discussion to visit the UT pedestrian walkway, where UT faculty and students led by UT visiting artist and University of Houston-Victoria Professor of Publishing Kyle Schlesinger will present a public poster project "A People's Curriculum for the United States."

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