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Humanities Without Walls Program

HWW LogoThe UT Humanities Center will host the 2021 Humanities Without Walls program and invites graduate students in the humanities to apply for the pre-doctoral career program, an intensive three-week interactive experience for PhD students in the humanities. The program is for doctoral students interested in exploring diverse future careers – particularly those outside academia.

The deadline to submit applications to the Humanities Center is October 5, 2020. Learn more at the HWW website.

Humanities Without Walls represents a consortium of 16 humanities centers and institutes across the country. Housed in the Humanities Research Institute at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, it is funded by a generous grant that the Humanities Research Institute received from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

This year, the competition to participate in the 2021 summer workshop, which will take place virtually, has been opened to non-consortium schools. The UTHC is pleased to represent UT in this program again.

Jeffrey PannekoekIn 2019, Jeffrey Pannekoek, graduate student in philosophy, represented UT in the summer program, which was open to one student nominee from each institution through its humanities center/institute.

“The HWW Workshop was a remarkable experience!” Pannekoek said. “It's not merely an introduction to the different kinds of work that might be open to PhDs in the humanities. Rather, it’s about delving into the productive potential of the relationship between the academic humanities and the professions, giving a fuller meaning to the relevance of a humanities degree. Realizing the full value of the humanities is vital, especially in our current political moment. The humanities serve a central role in developing cultural understanding and literacy, but also in resistance and liberation. Besides the program itself, I want to emphasize the value of being part of such a rich group of diverse scholars. We had an amazing cohort and learned at least as much from one another as we did from the expert who came to talk with us. I cannot overstate the value of the HWW Workshops, and I highly recommend that anyone interested in the program apply.”

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