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Lecture on Italian Cinema by Dr. Frank Burke, Feb. 28th 11:10am

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Italian Cinema Past and Present. A LECTURE BY DR. FRANK BURKE. Frank Burke, Queen’s University, Canada has just edited the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Italian Cinema, a 600-page compilation of essays on the history and criticism of Italian film. He will use the book as a point of departure to address a host of issues relevant to movies of il bel paese from the silent period to contemporary regional and postcolonial cinema. Of particular interest to Prof. Burke is the role of image, persona, and cliché in the reception of Italian films internationally, particularly in an Anglo-American context. What is it about Italian cinema that has led to its enormous appeal at certain times and to a relative lack of interest at others? What does the history of Italian cinema tell us not just about the films, but about ourselves as viewers? FEBRUARY 28, TUESDAY, HODGES 253, 11:10 AM


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