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David Palmer named one of this year’s recipients of a Chancellor’s Teaching Award

I’m very pleased to announce that David Palmer was one of this year’s recipients of a Chancellor’s Teaching Award. This is perhaps the most prestigious teaching award given on campus; competition is campus-wide and selection is rigorous, with multiple faculty peer teaching evaluations from diverse disciplines, etc. David was one of three faculty selected this year for recognition. Please join me in congratulating David on this award and extending our collective gratitude for his fine work in the classroom. We have so many very fine teachers in this department, it is gratifying to see them getting the recognition they deserve. This has been a good year for recognition in the department. Just looking at the Chancellor’s Awards given last night, you’ll recall that Susan Williams was also recognized as the recipient of the Extraordinary Customer Service Award, perhaps the most prestigious staff service award given on campus; again, competition is campus-wide and selection is rigorous. And John Nolt was recognized in the fall by the College of Arts and Sciences for his many years of fine teaching. The Department takes great pride in these recognitions, which reflect not only individual merit but the collective merit of the Department as a whole and its cooperative spirit in achieving common goals—high quality teaching, valuable research, meaningful mentoring, efficient operations, reliable and friendly service, and so on. Thanks to each and all for contributing to the cause!

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