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The Department is very pleased and fortunate to be able to announce the addition of four new members as of August, 2011: Adam Cureton, John Garthoff, David Palmer, and Matthew Pamental

Adam Cureton will be joining the Department as Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Adam works in moral and political philosophy, the history of ethics, applied ethics, and in moral psychology. He is currently finishing his PhD with Tom Hill at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, where he also earned an MA. Prior to his work at UNC-Chapel Hill, he earned a B.Phil (equivalent to an MA) at Oxford University where he studied with John Broome and Derek Parfit as a Rhodes Scholar. Prior to his work at Oxford, he earned a BA and MA at the University of Georgia. Adam has co-edited a volume on disability issues for Oxford University Press and has published several articles and chapters. Welcome Adam.

John Garthoff will be joining the Department as Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Jon works in political and moral philosophy, the history of moral and political philosophy, applied ethics, and metaphysics. He earned his PhD at UCLA, where he worked with Barbara Herman and Seana Shiffrin. Before heading to UCLA he earned his AB (or what we call BA) at Princeton University. Jon has published numerous articles and chapters in political and moral philosophy. He comes to us from Northwestern University, where he has taught the last five years. He has also been a visiting assistant professor at the University of Chicago. Welcome Jon.

David Palmer will be joining the Department as Assistant Professor of Philosophy. David works in action theory, metaphysics and philosophy of mind. He earned his PhD at the University of Texas writing a dissertation on free will under the supervision of Robert Kane and John Deigh, but also with outside readers John Fischer of UC-Riverside and Carl Ginet of Cornell. Before his work at Texas, David earned his MA at King's College London where he worked with David Papineau and wrote a thesis in the philosophy of mind. David has published several articles and has an edited volume on free will now forthcoming with Oxford University Press. He has been with the Department the last two years as a Lecturer. We're delighted to keep him on in his new role.

Matthew Pamental will be joining the Department as a Lecturer. Matt works in ethics, American philosophy (Dewey and pragmatism), and the philosophy of education. Matt did his undergraduate work at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. Something of a logic whiz, he went to Indiana University to pursue graduate work in a top logic program. Over time he lost his enthusiasm for that work and became more interested in studying Dewey, ethics, and American philosophy more generally. Because the School of Education had some Dewey experts, he began to take courses there as well as continuing his work in Philosophy. He completed all degree requirements for the PhD in both the School of Education and the Department of Philosophy, and after writing a dissertation co-supervised by members of both units, he was granted the PhD by both. He has published several essays in ethics, the philosophy of education, and Dewey. He is the past secretary-treasurer of the John Dewey Society. He has previously taught at the University of Utah and Northern Illinois University. Welcome Matthew.

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