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Former Graduate's Recent Book Receives Positive Reviews from Prominent Venues

2003 Ph.D. graduate David Reisman's (currently of Beykent University in Istanbul) recent book has received two positive reviews in prominent venues. Reisman's book -- Sartre's Phenomenology (Continuum Press, 2007) -- has been reviewed in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews and Journal of European Studies 38 (2008).

Here are two snippets from these reviews:

  • Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews of 2008-04-17.
    "Difficult and flawed, yes, but also enormously thought-provoking. I remain unsure whether I have fully understood Reisman's arguments. But I am certain that this book will, and should, provoke a good deal of discussion among scholars of the early Sartre, and -- who knows? -- perhaps even among Anglo-American post-Strawsonians."

  • Journal of European Studies, vol. 38 (2008), no. 2.
    “…explanations in lucid and fine detail and pertinent observations. At all times the author is at ease with the terminology and fully understands their complexity. We have complete confidence in his deductions because they are supported by Sartre’s texts; indeed, Reisman would be a skilled annotator of those texts.”

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