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Reidy wins Berger Prize: Second Time in the Previous Three Awards

David  Reidy and Jeppe von Platz have won the 2009 Berger Prize from the APA Committee on Philosophy of Law for their article "The Structural Variety of Historical Injustices" in the Journal of Social Philosophy.  The award is given every other year to a member of the APA for the best article in the philosophy of law over a two year period.

Reidy previously won the award in 2005.  No one else has won the Berger Prize more than once.  von Platz, formerly a graduate student in Philosophy at UT, is now working on his doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania.  The APA committee on the philosophy of law is the selection committee.

Congratulations, David and Jeppe!

Previous Winners

  • 2007 - Mark Greenberg for "How Facts Make Law," Legal Theory, v. 10, 2005.
  • 2005 - David A. Reidy,"Hate Crimes, Oppression and Legal Theory," Public Affairs Quarterly, v. 16, n. 3. 2002.
  • 2003 - Seana Shiffrin, "Paternalism, Unconscionability Doctrine, and Accommodation," Philosophy and Public Affairs, 29(3):205-250, Summer 2000.
  • 2001 - Alvin Goldman and William Talbott "Games Lawyers Play: Legal Discovery and Social Epistemology" in Legal Theory 4 (1998) pp. 93-163.
  • 1999 - Stephen Munzer 1999 "Ellickson on 'Chronic Misconduct' in Urban Spaces" in Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 32(1):1-48.
  • 1999 - Justin Schwartz "Relativism, Reflective Equilibrium, and Justice"
    in Legal Studies," Volume 17, No. 1, pp. 128-168.
  • 1997 - Stephen Macedo "Homosexuality and the Conservative Mind" in Georgetown Law Journal 12/95, Vol. 84, pp. 261-300.
  • 1995 - Stephen Schulhofer "Taking Sexual Autonomy Seriously: Rape, Law and Beyond", Law and Philosophy.
  • 1995 - Alan Strudler "Mass Torts and Moral Principals" in Law and Philosophy Vol. 11 (1992), pp. 297-330.
  • 1993 - Samuel Freeman "Constitutional Democracy and the Legitimacy of Judicial Review," in Law and Philosophy Vol. 9, 1990.
  • 1991 - Lois Pineau "Date Rape: A Feminist Analysis" This essay later was published as Chapter One in Date Rape: Feminism, Philosophy, and the Law, by Leslie Francis (Editor), pp. 1-26.
  • 1989 - Joel Feinberg “Wrongful Life and the Counterfactual Element in Harming” (1986). This essay later was published as Chapter One in Freedom and Fulfillment: Philosophical Essays by Joel Feinberg, published by Princeton University Press in 1994.

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